Also, promotion of company and personal artist.
We are doing company’s produce matter, press of artist.

– achievement –

  • Each plan of release promotion event. construction, management.
  • Promotion f artist, Booking, Club and Live tour.
  • Promotion of event, Music live, plan of Club event, construction.


Planning of image promotion followingAdvertising agency, construction, management.
We can also do promotion of each event.
Temporary employment, production equipment for event construction, production for design, set up place for event , from meeting to management.


Japan, foreign artist promotion and management.
Management of promotion from country’s artist to overseas.
We can talk about booking for artist also CD, DVD distribution in all parts of the country, music download, release.


Sound, lightning, machines, temporary employment
We can talk about equipment for event, DJ, speaker, lightning, production of skateboarding ramp. Rental, variety of tent, temp event staff.